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Cleanzy is now here to help you with booking your carpet cleaning hassle-free. No quotes! Our hassle-free booking service is designed for you. Only thing to do is just enter your postcode and specify your needs in a minute. We will show up at your doorstep anytime anywhere.

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Yes, all of our Cleanzy cleanings are fully transparent with prices online, during the booking process you can select exactly what services you wish to receive and see the price instantly.
After the cleaning your carpet and upholstery will be damp and they will dry naturally during the course of the day. Drying time can be affected by humidity, temperature and air flow to the carpet.
The suggested cleaning frequency depends on lots of things, like the number of occupants in the property, if you have pets, smokers or children. We advise you that these items should be cleaned every six month on an average.
Some stains are unfortunately permanent and therefore we can't promise that we will be able to fully remove these, however, the Cleaning Professional Team will do their best to achieve a satisfactory result. We'll get the best results if we attempt to remove the stain before anyone else tries and before the affected area is treated with any other cleaning product.
The Cleaning Professional Teams will use professional hot water extraction machines, known as steam cleaning to clean the carpets.
No. Hot water extraction is considered to be the best method for removing embedded soil and other contaminants. It is also the preferred cleaning method by the leading carpet manufacturers.
The Cleaning Professional Teams will happily move any furniture that does not require more than one person. We would also kindly ask that you remove any small objects and breakables before the cleaner arrives.
We advise removing all small objects from the carpet and upholstery. A light vacuuming of the high traffic areas will help but not necessary.
A survey will be sent to you by e-mail after the cleaning service is completed. You can rate the cleaning professional and Cleanzy via this e-mail! We develop ourselves and our system in accordance with the feedback we receive from you. Our cleaning professionals are rated according to their score.
Yes, the price of the service includes the equipment and products.
In case you wish to cancel or amend your booked service, you can do it for free of charge not less than 24 hours in advance. In case you wish to cancel your service less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled service, there is a 100% calcellation fee applies. In case you wish to amend your service time or date less than 24 hours before your scheduled service, 50% amendment fee applies. In th event the Cleaning Professional Team is asked to leave, Nobody is at the property or there is no water or power acccess at the property, 100% of the booking fee will be charged.
We prefer is someone is at home letting the Cleaning Professional Team in, showing them the items needs cleaning. During the service is not necessary to be at home, but we strongly advise you to attend at the end of the service to check if you are satisfied with the result.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can become a member of Cleanzy via Facebook or with your own e-mail address and make your house clean!
You can create orders from our website or our application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service hours are every day of the week starting from 08:00-16:00.
Your friend is our friend too! As long as you mention that you have a pet in the order steps, we will send a cleaning professional who is not afraid of pets/does not have allergies!

Rug Cleaning

Some people may think that cleaning rugs in their home and office could be done by simply using a vacuum cleaner, and that this process alone is sufficient for living in a clean environment. That’s not true! Vacuuming may be useful for extracting the dust and the visible dirt out of the rug, but many other things must be taken into account such as fungi, bacteria and deep dirt that hide among the internal rug fibers. This dirt cannot be cleaned with a simple vacuum cleaner, no matter how many times you try! Also, if there are stains on the rug, you will definitely not benefit from ordinary cleaning operations.

Some people may succeed in removing the stains with hard effort and a tiring amount of time, but is it worth spending most of your day focusing on cleaning rugs at home on your own instead of focusing on your job, family, and life?

We know that soil, spilled drinks, oil, food stains, and pets can make your rugs look old and dirty. At Cleanzy, we also know that your time is much more important than being wasted in stressful rug cleaning procedures. We can clean them extensively for you in a short period of time, at a reasonable price! Our Rug Cleaning Professionals are well-trained, skilled, and professional. They have the necessary resources and the most advanced equipment to complete the task fully and as quickly as possible. When you choose Cleanzythe result will be permanently clean rugs and a healthy environment. You will receive the best service for area rug cleaningoriental rug cleaning or Persian rug cleaning.

What Are The Rug Cleaning Methods?

At CleanzyCleaning Professionals use the latest and the most advanced methods available. There is no single cleaning method that fits all rugs, since every rug can have a special condition that requires different cleaning methods. The most important  rug cleaning methods are:

-Steam cleaning (Hot Water extraction): It is used for durable materials and for thorough disinfection. Hot water steam at high pressure cleans rugs extensively.

-Foam cleaning: This method is especially for delicate and natural rugs, such as antiques. This method does not include any liquid or water products, thus we eliminate the risk of shrinkage and rupture on rugs.

-Using Special Rug Shampoo is another very effective way to refresh and restore bumpiness, bright shades, and rug softness.

There may be some stains that are very difficult to remove from the first attempt, especially those old stains that were wrongly treated before. This is why we always advise our customers to contact us directly when any stain occurs so that we can treat them immediately.

How Can I Book A Rug Cleaning Service?

You can simply book cleaning services as well as many other professional cleaning services through our advanced online booking system. The process only requires you to choose the date that suits you, your address, and your requests! Then, one of our customer service representatives will contact you and give you a free quote. You can book your deep carpet cleaning service today with a few simple clicks! Our fully equipped, trusted, and well-trained rug cleaning professionals will show up at your doorstep at the scheduled time.