Why Choose Cleanzy?

We Reward the Top Performers
We love to surprise our cleaning professionals! Get ready for perks such as special gifts, cash, vouchers...
Location based Job Search
We find the jobs closest to your location and help you claim those. No need for scrolling to find the best job for you!
Send your Application Now
If you send your application now, you may start working tomorrow. Application process has been made easy and short.
We are just a Click Away!
You can reach out to us through our mobile app with just one click. Cleanzy operation team will answer your questions.

How to Make Money with Cleanzy

Great Pay
There is no limit for total hours that you work. Work as many hours as you can and make a lot of money!
Flexible Schedule
You can choose the days and times that you'd like to work.
Easy Payments
You'll be paid 7 business days after your job.

Still have questions?

It depends on the work you have done and whether anything extra was required by the customers. Some of our cleaning professionals are making up to £2,000 per month. Want to know how much you made from your latest job? Approximately how much you will earn this month? We have created an income calculator app to help you manage your earnings. Log in to Cleanzy system through our app to learn more. Good luck with your endeavors!
We'll pay you within 7 working days of completing a job. You can check your credit/earnings on the Cleanzy app at any time.
Entirely up to you! You can choose when and where you work. Please bear in mind that our system works on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you don't claim a job you want quickly you could miss out. ;)
We love to surprise our cleaning professionals! Get ready for perks such as special gifts, gold, cash, vouchers... We also help our cleaning professionals with their transport costs.
We value our cleaning professionals' references. If we decide that your friend is qualified to become a Cleanzy cleaning professional, you'll receive a reward as a thank you for your referral.


Cleanzy is the best cleaning agency anywhere! Every week, you will be paid for cleanings you have completed. Cleanzy already has more than 100 cleaning professionals in our system. You can choose which cleanings you like to undertake and earn accordingly. Apply now to become a Cleanzy cleaning professional and start earning! All cleaning professionals join the Cleanzy system after face-to-face interviews and detailed training. Cleaning professionals can choose which jobs they would like to perform. You just need to fill in the form above to join the Cleanzy family. We will be contacting you shortly.