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From dismantling and packing to relocation, unpacking, and assembly - at Cleanzy we cover all aspects of your move.
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It is always better to prepare in advance for removals services. However, understand that emergencies happen. We are here to help in the case of last-minute moves. Get in touch to arrange this service.
Absolutely. If you need a smaller van or have less furniture to be carried, we will arrange a custom service that will meet your needs. Just let us know the fine details.
Of course! Our removals team can provide the boxes and do the packing for you. This is an additional service that you will need to request.
There are many factors that affect the total duration of the service, such as the size of your property, lift in the building, the volume of items to be carried, and distance between the properties. For us to be able to give you the best quotation and exact duration, please make sure you inform our customer service team with all of the details. Trust your removals expert, they will be offering the best solutions and easiest service to you!
Do not worry! You are insured by the Removal Professional Companies. Your items will be protected by our insurance for damages up to £25.000 for you to hand your belongings to us with peace of mind. Please check your items with the teams and fill in the check out form at the end of the service. The damage will be reported to us and the insurance process will be handled by our customer service team.
If you are packing your own items be sure that you wrap them well in order to prevent any chance of them getting damaged. We provide both check-in and checkout documents to be used by both customers and professionals. This is a document that both parties sign on collection of the items and again on delivery. It is not compulsory that you use this document, however, it is highly recommended to help protect all parties in the unlikely event of any dispute relating to the condition of items. These documents will be provided by the movers team on the day of the service.
We offer various packaging materials. These include, for example, many sizes of boxes, bubble wrap or paper. Contact our customer service, we will be happy to advise you!
Yes! If you are moving to/from London from/to another city, we can help you with your request. If you could send a quote request our team will reach out to you very soon for further details.
We recommend to declutter your home and decide what to take with you before the team arrives to avoid the huge stress of moving. It will help the team to finish the service in the given time as well. Make sure your freezer is defrosted and fridges, televisions, washing machines, dryers are disconnected. If you haven't booked packing, demantling and assembling services, then please make sure all your belongings are packed and the bigger furniture is demantled. If you have sturdy furniture, you might choose leaving some light belongings like clothing or bedsheets inside the drawers. However if the item needs demantling, please make sure it is emptied.
Yes, we do! We do provide removals services 7 days a week - even on public holidays. Our customer service team is also available 7 days a week.
Your removals service is fully adjustable until 48 hours before your service. Let us know what you would like to change, we will be happy to help you with that.
We expect our clients to arrange a free parking space that is maximum 25 metres away from the entrance of the building. If there is a street parking in front of your property, we kindly recommend you to check if it is paid parking or if residence permit is needed. If it is not possible to arrange a parking within 25 meters, please inform our customer service team, they will advise alternative solutions and help you further.
We can start anytime you prefer. However, we usually recommend starting in early morning to avoid traffic rush hour.
The number of boxes required for a move can vary widely. Therefore, we cannot make a general statement about how many moving boxes you will need. As a rough calculation aid, you can assume the following quantities: 30 boxes for a single household. For each additional person 20 to 25 boxes extra. For each baby or toddler another 10 boxes extra. Minimalists probably need a little less, collectors sometimes need significantly more boxes.
Moving teams can dismantle and assemble your furniture. If you would like to add this to your service or want to get further information, our customer services team is ready to answer your questions.
If you have furniture that is too bulky, wide or tall to be carried in one piece, if it does not fit through the doors and hallways, if it does not fit in the lift in one piece or you staircases are too narrow for these to be carried, then you will probably need dismantling. Please let our customer service team know the details, they are ready to help you further.
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Cleanzy is here to take the weight off of your shoulders

With Cleanzy, you can rest assured that your valuable belongings are in safe hands with London's #1 Removal Service. All our movers have years of experience and go through extensive and regular training during their time at Cleanzy. With transparent pricing, insurance, and no hidden costs, make your moving experience easy with Cleanzy.

One-stop home removal solution

Cleanzy offers high-quality moving materials, packing, unpacking, assembling, and dismantling services. You can also book a deep-clean for your property or an end of tenancy clean and solve all your removal needs with Cleanzy. For detailed information, you can reach us at 020 3318 6829

Removal Service

How Does Removal Service Work?

Moving to a new house and starting a new chapter of our lives as wonderful as it seems, it also might have a lot of challenges and trouble as well. Some of these challenges might be before, during and after the moving process. So many questions comes to mind starting from how to deal with moving process, efforts of packing and unpacking your belongings, loading and unloading, renting a suitable & secure truck and most important thing to consider from financial aspect is how to make sure there will be no damage to your belongings and furniture while moving. Last but not least, a huge question mark should be added on the next important question: do you have the time and are you physically capable to perform this exhausting process by yourself? What about hiring a removal company?

At Cleanzy, we do have the answer to that questions and the affordable, practical, safe and professional solutions to handle this exhausting process for our clients. Whether it's partial or complete house move or move in cleaning for your new home, Cleanzy, as a moving company, offers high-quality moving services which includes packing, unpacking, assembling, and dismantling that can meet your needs any time and anywhere. 


Should I Be Prepared For Removal Service?  How Does Removal Service Work?

If you have the time and the ability to do packing own your own, you can start packing your items with the best and most secure possible way in order to prevent the damage. But if you do not have time nor energy to do that, Cleanzy Professionals provide packing service for you.

What Is Cleanzy's Insurance & How Much Does It Cover?
With Cleanzy's Professional Removal Service you can relax and be sure that all of your belongings are in safe hand. Our reliable and experienced home removal Professionals will handle your removal day professionally and damage-free. Also, your items are insured and protected for damages by an up to £25.000 with Cleanzy insurance.
How Can I Get Customized Quote And How Can I Book Removal Service?

With Cleanzy, getting a free Removal service quote has never been easier before. Just tell us your specific requirements and needs and our relocation advisors will send you a competitive, most-suitable tailor-made quote for your needs. Also, you can reserve, book and pay without any hidden costs for your removal service through our easy and secure online payment system. 

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