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With demand for deep cleaning services constantly on the rise, Cleanzy is proud to offer a signature deep cleaning service to ensure the utmost hygienic standards at your home.

Our deep cleaning service offers a thorough cleaning procedure whereby high-touch areas as well as often neglected aspects of sporadic cleaning such as descaling, microwaves, ovens and internal window surfaces. While our regular domestic cleaning aims to cater for the general cleaning needs, our new Deep Cleaning service not only takes longer to complete, but also is designed to get rid of deep dirt and limescale to name a few benefits of this service. The Cleaning Professionals will provide the necessary cleaning products for the Deep Cleaning service to ensure that the most suitable products are used. While this service takes considerably longer than an average domestic cleaning session, it is to make sure that areas not covered by traditional domestic cleaning services are cleaned to high standards and meticulous finish.

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Our Deep Cleaning service is more thorough and detailed than a regular clean. It treats areas which are not covered during our regular clean. It also lasts longer to make sure that such areas are cleaned to the highest standards.
The Deep Cleaning service provides all cleaning products needed for general cleaning, and deep cleaning (descaler and degreaser, stain remover and bleach). While the Cleaning Professionals will bring these cleaning products, you will still need to provide them with a hoover,mop and bucket.
It's safe to stay at home during the cleaning. Your Cleaning Professional will discuss the cleaning route with you at the beginning of the service to make sure you can still enjoy your time at home.If you prefer being out during the cleaning, that’s also fine.
While the recommended length for the Deep Cleaning service will vary based on your property size, the minimum length for a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom property is 4 hours. Kindly note that the length of the service also depends on the existing condition and cleanliness of the property, hence we advise you to book for longer than the advised time.
To ensure the highest safety of both yourself and the Cleaning Professional we only send one Cleaning Professional to deliver your Deep Cleaning service.
It's safe to stay at home during the cleaning, but as per the Government's guidelines we advise to keep 2m distance from your Cleaning Professional at all times and avoid phisical greeting. Your Cleaning Professional will discuss the cleaning route with you at the beginning of the service to make sure you can still enjoy your time at home.If you prefer being out during the cleaning, it's also fine.
With many deep cleaning services consisting of various chemical ingredients, we advise that you take care of your pet while cleaning occurs and after the service finished it's safe to let your friend back in.
If there is a positive/suspected person or someone with symptoms living at your property, we do advise to follow the Government's guidelines by waiting 14 days to book your Deep Cleaning service after they have recovered.
It's important to prepare your property before your Cleaning Professional arrives by decluttering the surfaces and areas to make sure that your Cleaning Professional can use their time in the most effective way possible.
We handpick the top-rated Cleaning Professionals for the Deep Cleaning service, who received extensive training from us for this particular service.
Based on the Government's guidelines we gave an extensive list of preventative safety measure to follow to all of our Cleaning Professionals to ensure the maximum safety of theirs and our clients'. We provided our Cleaning Professionals with the following guidelines:- Wear your provided Personal Protective Equipment as per the instructions - Avoid physical greeting - Keep 2m distance from others where possible - Wash your hands as soon as you enter the property, during your service and when you finish your service, carry your own soap - Follow the general health advice (sneeze/cough into a tissue, don’t touch your face/eyes/nose/mouth) - Open the windows and operate the fans during service where possible - Machine wash your clothes on at least 60 degrees with disinfectant after the service - Avoid shaking rugs and soft furnishings - If you’re sick (you have fever, cough or other symptoms) please don’t accept any jobs for 2 weeks, if you think you caught the virus or you on any in hour household tested positive, please contact us immediately

Deep Cleaning

Why Deep Cleaning So Important?

Most people miss the fact that deep cleaning is a cleaning service that is more thorough and detailed and covers areas that are not generally given attention during regular cleaning or general cleaning. It also lasts longer to make sure that such areas are sanitized, hygiened and cleaned to the highest standards. As an answer to why deep cleaning is important; there are many things to think about and consider, considering the viruses and bacteria everywhere, there is always a risk of catching infections and diseases that may significantly affect our overall health. Therefore, it is important to maintain a clean and hygiene environment in our homes. However, regular cleaning is sometimes insufficient. A home should undergo deep cleaning from time to time, additional to regular home cleaning in order to make sure of its highest level of cleanliness.

At Cleanzy, our deep cleaning service offers a thorough cleaning procedure for most used and high-touch areas as well as often neglected aspects of regular cleaning such as descaling, inside microwave ovens, ovens interior and interior window surfaces. Cleanzy Deep Cleaning Professionals will apply professional cleaning methods and intensive professional cleaning techniques that take longer than regular cleaning to complete and they will make sure to get rid of deep dirt and limescale out of your home, and turn it to a healthy, hygiene and cleaned to the highest standards home. Cleanzy Cleaning Professionals will provide the cleaning products needed such as descaler and degreaser, stain remover and bleach for deep cleaning service to ensure the most convenient products are used.

What Are The Areas That Are Covered When Deep Cleaning?

At Cleanzy, our handpick, top-rated and professionally trained Cleaning Professionals will cover and give a careful attention to the following areas: 

Deep Kitchen cleaning like cleaning of kitchen counter, tiles, degreasing of surfaces (hob, tiles), cleaning and descaling of sink and tap areas, cleaning of microwave oven inside and outside, cleaning of fridge outside, cleaning and of oven inside and outside, kitchen cabinets outside where reachable, kitchen appliances outside and cleaning of bin. 

Deep bathroom cleaning such as cleaning and descaling of shower and bath, bathroom tiles, cleaning and descaling of taps and toilet, external cleaning of bathroom cabinets and finally cleaning of bathroom floor.  

Deep bedrooms and lounge cleaning include Dusting of surfaces, walls, lamps, clear cobwebs, electronics and interior blinds, cleaning of windows inside, skirting boards, remote controls, phones, handles and knobs. Hoovering and cleaning of carpets and rugs, radiators, soft furnishings, upholster. Mopping of floor.

How To Book Deep Cleaning Service?
Cleanzy is now here to help you with booking your deep cleaning service hassle-free. Just select what you need and see the full pricing with no hidden fees at all. If you need a Deep Cleaning service, you can explore Cleanzy and book deep cleaning services in a few simple clicks!