Frequently Asked Questions

Our Deep Cleaning service is more thorough and detailed than a regular clean. It treats areas which are not covered during our regular clean. It also lasts longer to make sure that such areas are cleaned to the highest standards.
It's safe to stay at home during the cleaning. Your Cleaning Professional will discuss the cleaning route with you at the beginning of the service to make sure you can still enjoy your time at home.If you prefer being out during the cleaning, that’s also fine.
The Deep Cleaning service provides all cleaning products needed for general cleaning, and deep cleaning (descaler and degreaser, stain remover and bleach). While the Cleaning Professionals will bring these cleaning products, you will still need to provide them with a hoover, mop and bucket.
If the cleaning lasts more than 8 hours based on the size of your property, we advise to divide it to two days to make sure your Cleaning Professional can deliver the best possible service. For example, you have a big house and you would need 12 hours of Deep Cleaning service, we advise to have the Cleaning Professional for 8 hours on the first day and for 4 hours on the second day.
It's important to prepare your property before your Cleaning Professional arrives by decluttering the surfaces and areas to make sure that your Cleaning Professional can use their time in the most effective way possible.
We handpick the top-rated Cleaning Professionals for the Deep Cleaning service, who received extensive training from us for this particular service.