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Cleaning Services

Move Out Cleaning Service


Whether you are planning to move out because your Tenancy is about to end soon or you are moving to some new place else, there is always one important question come to mind immediately, how to make sure everything goes accurate during move out cleaning process?

The best way to make sure that moving out cleaning can be done in a professional way is to hire a trained Cleaning Professional. The main purpose of the move-out cleaning service is to show your apartment in its best possible condition as to cleanliness and shininess.


Why Move-Out Cleaning Is Important?

Moving out is a difficult process. At Cleanzy, we are aware of the importance to leave the house with its best condition to impress the landlord and to avoid extra costs. Our aim to make sure we save you from lots of trouble you may face because of your tenancy contract. 

Also, for landlords, we know the importance of showing the house clean and shiny to tenants. As a professional cleaning and moving company, we provide all the home cleaning services you may need in order to show your house with its best & cleanest look possible. 


What Are The Most Important Things To Do During The Move-Out Cleaning?

Most important factor during move out cleaning is to make sure all important to-do points are done to highlight the house and make it clean and as new as possible. Cleanzy Cleaning Professionals are trained and expert for move out cleaning. They make sure to focus on the most important areas such as;

Kitchen Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Bedroom Cleaning

Lounge Cleaning

Cleanzy Cleaning Professionals aim on the most important spots during move out cleaning such as deep corners, floors, walls, mirrors, lamps, wardrobes, surfaces and many more. They aim to perform a deep cleaning with safe & secure cleaning materials.


How Can I Book A Move-Out Cleaning Service?

Most of our clients are very busy with their daily job and they have no time to handle move out cleaning process. In this case Cleanzy is the best choice for advanced move out cleaning services with its trained, experienced and trusted Cleaning Professionals.

If you need move out cleaning service, you can explore Cleanzy and book cleaning services in a few simple clicks!


If you are in the process of moving out, let us help you while you are enjoying your time. You can book just in seconds and we provide you a professional move-out cleaning service with trusted Cleaning Professionals in London at transparent prices.

All you need to do is order through our hassle-free booking system and we will show up on your doorstep anytime, anywhere.

Our Move Out Cleaning Service Is Appeal To:

Tenants: Tenants have to leave the apartment clean and fresh to get their deposit back according to tenancy contracts. We are here to save you from a lot of work while you are searching for a new home. Our job is to make sure you will have your deposit back without any cuts.
Landlords: First impressions are always the most important when leasing a property! We understand that you want to make your home look more attractive, that’s why we take the responsibility of taking care of your property by offering you customized cleaning services to your needs.
Leasing Agencies: With our 100% happiness policy, AXA Insurance, and hassle-free booking system we are in the business of managing all the cleaning services you need.

Let us show you the Cleanzy way of moving out cleaning service.
Our End of Tenancy Cleaning service is a professional, affordable and effective cleaning service at the end of your tenancy to make sure you leave the property in the best possible condition. With our 100% happiness policy, we offer re-cleaning free of charge if your inventory clerk or landlord is not satisfied with the cleaning or if anything is missed.
Cleanzy End of Tenancy cleaning is a fully customizable service, where the base price includes a full deep clean of the bedroom(s), bathroom, kitchen, living room and entrance/hallway and where you can select all add-ons needed based on your needs.


Do I need to supply cleaning material and equipment?

The Cleanzy End of Tenancy Cleaning service price includes all cleaning products, materials and equipment needed and provides them to the Cleaning Professional Team to carry out the professional cleaning service. So, you don’t need to supply anything!

Is there a timeframe for the job completion?

There is no exact time setting for the completion of the service, however the Cleaning Professional Team will make sure to adjust the number of professionals on their team based on your needs, and they aim to finish the services within a day. Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team to discuss your timeline/timeframe based on your lease and requirements.

Do I need to be at the property during the cleaning?

It's not necessary, the Cleaning Professional Teams can carry out all necessary steps without you being present at home. However, we do advise you to provide access to them or if you are not able to do so, the team will be able to pick up the key from the agency/appointed address. The service is free of charge if the address is within 1 mile of your rented home, however if the distance is more than 1 mile, please book the key pick-up add-on service. You can get in touch and get help from our Customer Service to organize the key pick-up.

What happens if the team misses something?

We offer a 72-hour guarantee after the completion of the Cleanzy End of Tenancy Cleaning service. Cleaning Professional Team puts their best efforts to clean every corner of your property, but if they skipped some spots, you can just call our Customer Service Team within 72 hours and we'll appoint a second visit to cover that are free of charge.

Your free time is precious we are here to help you to make the most of it

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