With Cleanzy, you can earn up to 1,200€ a month.
You can choose the days and times that you'd like to work.
You'll be paid 7 business days after your job.

Frequently Asked Questions

This choice is completely up to you, this is the most beautiful feature of the job! No matter where you want to work, it's your choice. A little reminder that things can be embraced soon, treat early and win more!
This will change according to the additional requests of our customers in the houses you have cleaned and the properties of the house, and you can see which job you can earn from the application you installed on your smartphone. Also, if you want to calculate an approximate amount, you can use the calculator we have prepared for you. Our most successful cleaning professionals earn close to € 1200 per month. Good earnings already!
You'll receive your payment 7 business days after you complete your service. You can check your earnings on the app.
Surprise gifts, roadside assistance, gold and cash prizes await you as well as the fees you earn for the cleaning service. The better you work, the better your chances are!
We value our cleaning professionals' references. If we decide that your friend is qualified to become a Cleanzy cleaning professional, you'll receive a reward as a thank you for your referral.


Cleanzy is the best cleaning agency anywhere! Every week, you will be paid for cleanings you have completed. Cleanzy already has more than 100 cleaning professionals in our system. You can choose which cleanings you like to undertake and earn accordingly. Apply now to become a Cleanzy cleaning professional and start earning! All cleaning professionals join the Cleanzy system after face-to-face interviews and detailed training. Cleaning professionals can choose which jobs they would like to perform. You just need to fill in the form above to join the Cleanzy family. We will be contacting you shortly.