In our cleaning bags, there are kitchen cleaner product, toilet cleaner liquid, bathroom cleaner product, window/glass cleaner, cleaning cloths, and sponges. Apart from these products, the materials we ask from you for a complete cleaning operation are a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, and a mop.
For better cleaning service, the items we request from you are; kitchen cleaner product, toilet cleaner liquid, bathroom cleaner product, window/glass cleaner, cleaning cloths, and sponges. Besides these products, the main cleaning products are items like an electric vacuum cleaner, bucket, mop, etc..
One cleaning professional will be giving service.
No, Cleanzy is a marketplace. All of our cleaning professionals are freelance workers and use our product to find customers. They are our clients, just like you!
Vacuum cleaners are too bulky to carry from site to site, so we ask that you supply a vacuum cleaner for the cleaning professional to use.
Note: Since the vacuum cleaner is one of the basic items of cleaning, we would like to remind you that the cleaning service will not be very good if you are unable to supply a vacuum cleaner.
As Cleanzy we believe that the professional cleaning service should be at a certain standard. When you need them, you can add extra services to the standard service and get detailed cleaning.  We will evaluate your positive or negative thoughts on this matter if you send them to us at [email protected] Your valued ideas are very important to us!
Cleanzy has a Standard Cleaning Procedure that our cleaning professionals have been trained to follow. However, we are usually able to cater to specific requirements if you have any. Please contact us via Live Chat, call our customer services department on 020 3991 0031 or email us at [email protected] to discuss further.
You can place orders from our website and application 24/7. We start cleaning at 8:30am and try to complete all services until 6 pm. We may stay longer than 6 pm if our cleaning professional has more work to do.
Due to the way our platform works you need to be a member to access our services. It is easy to become a member! Connect with Facebook or use your e-mail address to create an account.
Cleanzy is an online home services marketplace which connects customers and cleaners. Our aim to revolutionize the cleaning sector and save time for both customers and cleaners.
If you are not happy with our service please let us know within 72 hours after receiving the service, we'll organize a free cleaning service! (Validity is based on the cleaning duration and number of bedrooms disclosed on the reservation page.)

Your free time is precious we are here to help you to make the most of it

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