Cleanzy is a technology based company which provides a platform with the aim of providing for all services on its website including the "Support your Cleaning Professional" Q&A project. The cleaning professionals acknowledge that the responses they provide for the questions sent by the users are solely and exclusively their responsibility. Cleanzy hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that Cleanzy's liability for the cleaning consultancy services based on the "Support your Cleaning Professional" Q&A project is limited only to provision of the platform as a marketplace and online gathering of the relevant parties; the Company shall not be liable to neither the cleaning professional nor the user for any potential damages to be occurred in the event the said cleaning consultancy service causes damages to the user or any third parties due to health and/or any other reason and/or the poor or proper performance of the cleaning consultancy service. In the event Cleanzy becomes subject to any legal, governmental or criminal sanction or damage occurs in the future, Cleanzy shall transfer the amount of the relevant sanction with its accessories to the relevant Cleaning Professional collectable upon first request.