Angela O.

29 October 2020 Thursday

E15 - Zone 3


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02 August 2022 Tuesday - José &.
Excellent work, highly recommended! Sparkling clean house, thorough work.
26 April 2022 Tuesday - Amanda B.
Angela is a very lovely and respectful cleaner. Will definitely use her service again.
30 March 2022 Wednesday - Olivia T.
Angela was lovely to have over and very thorough. My flat was sparkling when she was finished.
15 June 2021 Tuesday - Katherine D.
Angela was just wonderful, very thorough and made sure I was okay with everything being done.
21 May 2021 Friday - Edith H.
Very professional. Thorough. Really lovely cleaner!
14 May 2021 Friday - David E.
Was so great! Thorough clean.
11 May 2021 Tuesday - SH N.
Spotless, well done Angela. She is the best!
09 May 2021 Sunday - Jordan d.
Angela's work was excellent and efficient. Would have her again any time!
06 May 2021 Thursday - Mary S.
She’s lovely and thorough with the cleaning
26 April 2021 Monday - SH N.
Angela has been amazing. Great attention to detail. Highly recommended!
18 March 2021 Thursday - Amy
I was very satisfied. Angela was very thorough. She finished 30mins early though so moving forward I would like a 3 hour clean instead of a 4 hour clean.
05 March 2021 Friday - Chris D.
Very thorough job
05 March 2021 Friday - fatima
Very good
25 January 2021 Monday - Gokce G.
Angela is great! She is really nice, thorough in her cleaning and very efficient. I prefer her services and would recommend her!
23 December 2020 Wednesday - Gokce G.
Angela was great! She did a thorough cleaning and was really nice. Will definitely request her services again and recommend her.
20 December 2020 Sunday - Emily P.
Angela was meticulous and worked very hard. Would book again
12 December 2020 Saturday - fatima
Good and professional. My kitchen is so nice and shiny.
25 November 2020 Wednesday - Jamie A.
I am very happy with the cleaning provided by Angela. She was thorough and the flat has been left sparkling. I would be very happy to continue with her services.
23 November 2020 Monday - Simon R.
Please match me with this cleaner for next time :)
16 November 2020 Monday - Ryan C.
very thorough!! we really appreciated the work :)