Angela O.

29 October 2020 Thursday

E15 - Zone 3


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26 April 2022 Tuesday - Amanda B.
Angela is a very lovely and respectful cleaner. Will definitely use her service again.
30 March 2022 Wednesday - Olivia T.
Angela was lovely to have over and very thorough. My flat was sparkling when she was finished.
15 June 2021 Tuesday - Katherine D.
Angela was just wonderful, very thorough and made sure I was okay with everything being done.
21 May 2021 Friday - Edith H.
Very professional. Thorough. Really lovely cleaner!
14 May 2021 Friday - David E.
Was so great! Thorough clean.
11 May 2021 Tuesday - SH N.
Spotless, well done Angela. She is the best!
09 May 2021 Sunday - Jordan d.
Angela's work was excellent and efficient. Would have her again any time!
06 May 2021 Thursday - Mary S.
She’s lovely and thorough with the cleaning
26 April 2021 Monday - SH N.
Angela has been amazing. Great attention to detail. Highly recommended!
18 March 2021 Thursday - Amy
I was very satisfied. Angela was very thorough. She finished 30mins early though so moving forward I would like a 3 hour clean instead of a 4 hour clean.
05 March 2021 Friday - Chris D.
Very thorough job
05 March 2021 Friday - fatima
Very good
25 January 2021 Monday - Gokce G.
Angela is great! She is really nice, thorough in her cleaning and very efficient. I prefer her services and would recommend her!
24 December 2020 Thursday - Mehrad J.
Angela is very friendly and she treated our dog with lots of cheer and tolerance (even though he kept barking at the vacuum cleaner!) The apartment is spotless and we are very happy with the work she did!
23 December 2020 Wednesday - Gokce G.
Angela was great! She did a thorough cleaning and was really nice. Will definitely request her services again and recommend her.
20 December 2020 Sunday - Emily P.
Angela was meticulous and worked very hard. Would book again
12 December 2020 Saturday - fatima
Good and professional. My kitchen is so nice and shiny.
25 November 2020 Wednesday - Jamie A.
I am very happy with the cleaning provided by Angela. She was thorough and the flat has been left sparkling. I would be very happy to continue with her services.
23 November 2020 Monday - Simon R.
Please match me with this cleaner for next time :)
16 November 2020 Monday - Ryan C.
very thorough!! we really appreciated the work :)