Frequently Asked Questions

You can see what's involved in the cleanup here
We make a cancellation request free of charge until 09:00 on the day before. The cleaning fee will be charged to the credit card if you want to cancel the service later, as the cleaning professionals will arrange the program for you.
If you have any complaints about cleaning within 72 hours of receiving your service, you can let us know! If there is a problem with the quality of the service; we can program a new cleaning service in proportion to your complaint. We call it 100% Happiness Policy!
Sometimes it is difficult to calculate how many hours you need for your home cleaning. If your service is occurring and you think that you need to add one or more hours, just let your professional know it and he or she will contact us.
We only accept payment by credit card. We use Stripe's secure payment infrastructure because payment security is very important to us.
All cleaning professionals registered in the Cleanzy system are checked and their references are checked and they receive regular training.
If you have had a service in the past, you can request your last cleaning professional for your new cleaning service. You can also include a note when you are creating your order.
In case of no danger, we perform cleaning of the windows both internally and externally, but the safety of cleaning professionals is valuable to us. We don't allow the windows to be cleaned from the outside in any case that puts them at risk.